Receiving a prize career of the Canter

As for the Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus, it was announced by Nissan Motor that OEM supplied "atlas F24" to Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus as new model "Canter gut" by a Canter of the current master of a home as "NT450 atlas" mutually in Nissan Motor by having agreed that I received the mutually OEM supply of the light truck between Nissan Motor. In addition, it is naive, and, as for the OEM, "the Canter gut" becomes the first revival in 2 years through generation after generation.
"A dual clutch type transmission put on an eco-hybrid with a built-in motor for the hybrid" wins "2013 annual RJC Cars of the Year special prize" by commercial vehicle for the first time.
1, An eco-hybrid wins Irish "Irish Green Commercial of the Year 2013".
2, An eco-hybrid wins "the third Kanagawa global warming measures award".
3, I announce the eco-hybrid in Australia.
4, An eco-hybrid of Ireland "win "Best Energy Efficient Product Award" (the best energy efficiency product prize).
5, It supplies a Canter of the current master of a home for UD trucks as Kazet (succession of condor (2 tons system)) secondary to Nissan Motor and it releases it and starts. In the case of the line off of the first issue car, the commemorative ceremony was held, too.
6, I announce "Canter EX" which is a new car type to a base and release a wide cab super long car type.

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